Robert "Bob" Lee Wills, 86, of Chillicothe, passed away at home Sunday August 20, 2017. His wife Theresa was by his side, as was his step-daughter, Terri, and his beloved dog, "Puppy."

Rev. Wills was born May 21, 1931 in Ansted, WV to Edwin Kenna Wills Jr. and Bernice Faye Rule Wills. He was a graduate of Central Baptist Seminary, Kansas, and the Athenaeum of Ohio, Cincinnati. He is survived by his wife of 28 years, Theresa Allan Wills; a son, Tod Wills; a daughter, Laura Wills Tate; 2 step-daughters, Theresa Aswad and Deborah Marruso; and three grandchildren.

Bob served in the US Navy and the US Army and was a Vietnam War Chaplain. He served 20 years at the VA Medical Center-Chillicothe as Chaplain. Please pray for the Wills family in this time.