Face to Face is a day and a half event which brings clergy, church search committees and seminary seniors and/or recent graduates in the ordination process together in one location for a series of 45 minute “first time interviews.”  Church search committees are assigned an interviewing space and pastors move from interview to interview. Deadlines for participation are approaching. Early savings deadline February 1. Final Clergy deadline February 20, 2019. Church Search Committee deadline February 27, 2019. Make your reservation now by using the link below.

A limited number of interview slots are available which may be scheduled during the event. Interviews are scheduled based on a preference request and matching process prior to the event.

Participants are scheduled with churches or clergy who have requested to meet with them and also scheduled with other matches that have been determined by the matching team based on interests, experience, gender and other background information. Get more information including registration forms by CLICKING HERE!