By an overwhelming vote, delegates at the ABC/Ohio Annual Gathering affirmed the Board of Regional Ministries proposal to establish new governance – board structure beginning January 1, 2011.  The vote was 131 yes and 5 no, which means that it passed by 97%.

The vote came following nearly a year of prayer, discernment, and planning by a Transformation Team appointed by the Board in November 2009.  Along with Mark L. Vincent, lead partner from Design Group, the staff and board met in January and February to envision what God might lead ABC/Ohio to do with its historical representative board structure.


In May the Transformation Team proposed a leaner, expertise based governance board with 15 members plus ABC/Ohio’s five officers to oversee the direction of ABC/Ohio.  The proposal was presented to 150 persons who participated in 8 Focus Groups in June.  Following the Focus Group meetings the Transformation Team made its final proposal to the Board in July.  The Board unanimously proposed that the new governance model, along with the needed amendments to the ABC/Ohio Constitution be presented for vote at the Annual Gathering, October 8.


Dr. Lawrence Swain, Executive Minister presented the vision for ministry and governance Thursday afternoon, October 7 so attendees at the Gathering would catch the vision for the future and understand how the new ministry and governance models will work to fulfill ABC/Ohio’s mission “to help build healthy churches that impact the world for Christ.”  To further assist delegates a talk-back session was held after the Thursday evening worship.  A number of persons came and participated in a helpful conversation.

In a context of worshipful work, the 136 delegates cast their vote and celebrated the outcome.  The officers and Board members were then elected to serve on the Board of Regional Ministries beginning January 1, 2011.  What a blessing it was to see God’s people affirm a new direction and provide their amen to a work well-done.  To God be the glory!