ABC-Ohio is implementing a plan to enable us to be more effective in the future as we serve the Lord.  This process has involved many aspects of the ministries within ABC-Ohio.  Through prayer, thoughtful reviews and input from many within our region, we are working to be what God wants us to be using the resources God has provided.  This page will present the latest news on the transformation process including a look back at where we've been.

Transformation Team Presentation

This is an online version of the live presentation that was made at locations throughout the state during June 2010.  We ask that you read through the presentation and then provide your responses via a survey.  A link will be provided for the survey at the end of the presentation.

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Transformation Process Developed

During 2009, ABC-Ohio began the process of developing a plan that would enable us to be more effective in the future as we serve the Lord. The “Vision Quest Team”, comprised of ABC-Ohio professional and lay leaders, met to develop recommendations that would enable our region to take formal steps to advance God’s work in a way that is more effective with respect to finances, staffing and the interconnectedness between the Region and local ABC-Ohio churches. Because ABC-Ohio leadership believes that our region can be stronger through a willingness to prayerfully and decisively reflect upon who we are, what we do and how we can improve, both the staff and Board held meetings to chart a path toward this end.

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