Thank you for your interest in supporting the American Baptist Churches of Ohio. We encourage you to financially support us by first financially supporting your local American Baptist Church. If you desire to go above and beyond your tithes and offerings to your local church, you may give by setting up a giving account through our giving portal. We thank you for your stewardship and gifts that help support the ministries of ABC-Ohio.

Give Online to ABC-Ohio

Giving to ABC-Ohio is available through our giving portal by clicking HERE.

Once you have arrived at our giving portal, you will be presented with a screen where you may log in (if you have used the site previously).

If you have never used our online giving portal, you will be presented with a screen that looks like the image pictured here. Click on "Create Account" (the red circle). At that point, you will be guided through the process of creating an account.

Once you have created an account, you will be able to give online and track your giving history. Please be aware that once you have clicked on the links, you will be transferred to a secure site and a password protected account will be required.

Don't forget to create an account with a password that is easy for you to remember, but secure enough that someone else will not be able to figure it out. Do not use birth dates, a child's name or other easily-identifiable characteristics!

Thank you and know that through your gifts more people can be touched by the ministries of ABC-Ohio!

ABC USA Stewardship Web Page

The American Baptist Churches USA Office of Mission Resource Development has a very content-rich site, with lots of information of practical use to local church pastors, stewardship committees, stewardship consultants and anybody interested in the topic of stewardship.

The site includes inspirational pieces, real life stories of how our United Mission dollars are at work, and links to helpful resources. We are also working on a section of success stories, where congregations can share ideas that have worked for them in stewardship promotion. For more information, click HERE!

Stewardship Bulletin Inserts

Stewardship is the #1 “must have” monthly publication about stewardship and has been used successfully by thousands of churches for more than 40 years.  Churches use it primarily as an insert in the bulletin or monthly newsletter.  Also, Stewardship is used for bible study groups, as a tool for ongoing stewardship programs, in statements, as well as for outreach activities.  The publication is a wonderful reminder of why each of us needs to give back to our church. For more information, CLICK HERE.  Stewardship is published by Parish Publishing.