Dorset Baptist Church (North East Association) in Ashtabula County was struck by lightning on March 1, 2017. Please lift this congregation and their Pastor Randy Brookes in prayer!  Pastor Brooks is also the site manager of Camp Koinonia

Neighbors said the lightning struck the peak of the steeple. Firefighters found a fully involved fire in the steeple and immediately called for mutual aid from other departments. The church is located on State Route 193.  In addition to the destruction of the church steeple, there was significant water damage to the inside of the church.

The church is covered by insurance and members plan to rebuild right away. Meanwhile, a nearby church has offered to open its doors to the Dorest Baptist congregation until repairs are made.

According to fire officials, the fire was mostly contained to the steeple and the area below it, including a corner of the sanctuary, which was destroyed. Other parts of the sanctuary sustained water and smoke damage, but were otherwise spared, along with classrooms in the rear of the church. 

At least nine fire departments fought the blaze  including firefighters from Ohio departments in Dorset, Jefferson, Andover, Pierpont, Sheffield and Morgan and Pennsylvania departments North Shenango, Summit and Linesville.  Tthere were 30 to 40 firefighters battling the blaze.

We praise God that no one was hurt and for the wonderful work of the volunteer fire departments.  Please keep Dorset Baptist Church in your prayers!