The Graduate Theological Union (GTU) in Berkeley is launching a search for its next president. The GTU is a unique consortium of some 20-member schools, centers, and institutes, with a world-class library. Founded in 1962, the GTU is the most comprehensive center for the graduate study of religion in North America, working in a deep collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley.  

An institution of higher learning unlike any other, the GTU brings together scholars of the world’s great religions and wisdom traditions to grow in knowledge, thrive in spirit, and unite in solutions. GTU prepares masters and doctoral-level students for academia, for service, for leadership. GTU advocates for a more just and compassionate world and for the care of the planet. GTU serves as a resource for our community, the nation, and the world. GTU seeks partners of spirit and intellect—open, innovative, inspired —to share our mission.

The Presidential Search team is seeking the next GTU president… ❖ one who promotes innovative change and inspires new paradigms ❖ one with an entrepreneurial spirit and attested financial management skill ❖ one who has a profound appreciation for the academic enterprise ❖ one who has an awareness of the religious and interreligious landscape, with a particular appreciation for the global diversity that entails  ❖ one with a demonstrated capacity to expand the reach of fund development ❖ one who promotes expanding both the enrollment of and career opportunities for our students ❖ a collaborative leader and an excellent listener ❖ a strategic, visionary, and optimistic individual ❖ one with a terminal degree 
GTU greatly values those who are candid about their strengths and vulnerabilities, who have an articulated spiritual practice, and who possess a curious, creative, and service-oriented perspective. The GTU is at a pivot point: GTU is seeking a wise and impassioned individual to decisively lead us into a deeper engagement with the work we are called to in a strengthened GTU. For more information, please visit Thank you for your interest!